Day 4

Check the links below for some ideas on how to link into faith projects after Campa Mhuire Mháthair!

Lambs: 5 to 7 Year Olds

Preachers: 8-10 year olds

Friars: 11-12 year olds

Links for you and your family to check out!

For Families!  Every month during the academic year, Holy Family Mission hosts a Family Day.  This is a day-long event which includes Music, Drama, Games, Prayer, Mass, talks for adults, activities for children and teens, and includes lunch.  Each month has a different theme, focusing on different elements of the Faith: for instance, during October we had an All-Saints party, and in December we focused on Advent.  Our Family Day is a wonderful opportunity for families to spend a day together doing fun activities, and to meet other Catholic families.  Check the website for upcoming dates!

For children: Welcome to the Little Way Sunday School YouTube Channel. We are a family consisting of sisters; Roisin, Riaghan, Enya, and Treise, together with her husband, Joseph. We are here to help parents connect their children to the teachings of the Church by providing videos with; 1. an explanation of the Gospel of the day 2. a reflection from one of our priests 3. a weekly mission for the kids We certainly hope that you find our videos engaging, enjoyable, and a helpful resource for your family’s faith journey. And please follow us on Instagram and Facebook @ Little Way Sunday School

For teens / young people from 16 – 35:  Youth 2000 is a Catholic youth organisation that organises lively faith festivals, retreats, prayer groups and other events for young people aged 16-35 across the island of Ireland.  Check out the exciting E-Festival coming up in August!

One for the grown-ups too:  An Catholic online apostolate based in Ireland to support the official teachings of the Catholic Church through contemporary forms of media: to bring clarity and truth to what the Catholic Church teaches instead of the confusion and misinterpretation that people often associate with it.  Listen to Fr Patrick’s daily homilies along with other excellent speakers throughout Ireland each week!